Inspire community revitalization and innovation by promoting entrepreneurship in Presque Isle!

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization recognized at both the Federal and State levels. Established in the Fall of 2020, we are focused on creating opportunities to bring all types of industry together to expand business development in Ignite Presque Isle.

Our goal is to unify the private and public businesses sectors to make Presque Isle a leader in new business, co-working, and all types of supporting entrepreneurs.

We've created a nontraditional approach to serving the community in an innovative and creative way.

We're bringing all of the benefits of a service-based nonprofit to the community and restoring the iconic Northeastland Hotel as a pinnacle of the revitalization plan of the downtown.

As the heart of this centerpiece of downtown, we're developing an Innovation Center that integrates co-working and business attraction with a comprehensive, phased renovation of the entire property.

Ignite PI is committed to the Northeatland Hotel's history, while also dedicated to transforming the property and making it more relevant in today's changing world. Through the renovation and the delivery of Ignite PI's mission, we will spark networking, innovation, and synergy which will be contagious throughout the city now and for years to come.